5 Reasons Why Node.js Should Be Your Preferred Choice  

If you want to hire Node.js developers, you should consider contacting a global talent network that can help you scale fast. Still, it’s not necessary, but it’s definitely beneficial if you know a little bit more about Node.js before starting the process. 

Node.js is a back-end JavaScript runtime environment that is both cross-platform and open-source, and it runs on a V8 engine executing JavaScript code outside the browser. Furthermore, it has many advantages, and these are the reasons why developers all over the globe choose to work with it. 

So, instead of using a Node js tutorial, here we will see the five main reasons why this runtime environment should be your preferred choice. Let’s start. 

Fast Development

One of the main reasons why you should look for Nodejs developers for hire to grow your business rapidly is because Node js provides fast development. JavaScript is more or less easy to learn, and most developers know how to use it, so after the learning process, they are ready to go right away since its servers can be set up pretty quickly. In addition, Node js is also the perfect choice for developers who construct microservice environments because they have the opportunity to link various APIs together. The reason being is because it is extremely simple to make an API in Node js. 

Furthermore, this runtime environment is excellent for prototyping architectures and solutions since it provides fast and easy experimentation. Developers have the chance to switch between static and dynamic typing in the development cycle, which gives them freedom over how different components can be constructed. 

Also, one can use the advantage of various libraries for any project, and the developer can create these or download and use existing ones. Of course, one can do this through the Node Package Manager, which we will address later on in this list. 

Language Sharing

Another reason why Node.js is the best choice is that with this runtime environment, JavaScript is used for both back-end and front-end development. This advantage makes it more consistent across the whole app, and it’s also what makes Node.js much better since most other apps use various languages for front-end and back-end as well. 

For instance, when using this unique runtime environment, the developer can exchange code between the server apps and the client and also use JavaScript for the whole development cycle. This moment allows them to improve communication between the front-end and back-end teams. In addition, since you don’t need to find an engineer that is fluent in numerous programming languages, full-stack development is more accessible and much easier. 

And there is one more advantage when it comes to language sharing, and that is the fact that Node js allows developers to choose between working with JavaScript for dynamic typing or they can also use static typing via TypeScript. 

Node Package Manager

The Node Package Manager allows developers to download and use code packages by other developers in their own projects, so they don’t have to develop as much code from zero and have the advantage of using something practical that was already created by someone else before. 

Also, you should know that Node.js hosts, believe it or not, the largest software library registry in the entire globe, which has more than 1.3 million packages. All of these packages are made by the Node js community in order to allow developers to find solutions easily for different challenges they may come across while in the development process. 

The Node Package Manager is also valuable because it makes it extremely simple to manage app dependencies by installing the library’s code and the dependents as well. Furthermore, once it is combined with GitHub, the developer has access to a large amount of code that they can use to solve many issues. 

The Single-Threaded Event Loop Architecture

This runtime environment is known for using a single-threaded event loop architecture, and what does this mean? This event loop architecture is perfect for microservices since when the app starts, it triggers the event loop and continues executing a single instruction at a time. 

Of course, this fantastic approach has many different benefits. 

  • It creates more straightforward development because developers don’t have to worry about managing many threads. 
  • It can process more requests at the same time, which improves the performance.
  • It’s perfect for real-time apps since they need to respond right away to user input. 
  • Individual parts of the app can be scaled down as needed, and the apps are more scalable.

As you can see, if you hire Node js developers, you will have all of these advantages used to the maximum, especially if you hire a developer with experience. 

AWS Supports Node.js Natively  

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and as you know, every web app needs to have a host. AWS is one of the most used hosting platforms in the world in the cloud market, and the best news is that it supports Node.js natively. The most significant advantage is that this runtime environment can be integrated intimately with this hosting platform. 

For example, it makes Node js hosting easier since Cloud9, which is the Amazon in-browser IDE, gives users the ability to write and change code directly in the browser. It has one of the lowest entry barriers for a scalable microservice and is also compatible with this runtime environment. Moreover, the developer can utilize JavaScript with AWS tools such as the Cloud9 Integrated Development Environment and also use it with the Internet of Things SDK and the Cloud Development Kit. Of course, the SDK also supports TypeScript, which is yet another beneficial aspect for all Node.js developers. 

So, this list certainly answers why you should hire Node.js developers. This runtime environment makes full-stack development easier because of the fast development and because of language sharing across the stack. In addition, every time a developer faces an issue, they can find a solution in the extensive library. And with the NPM and the single-threaded event loop architecture, it’s not surprising why Node.js has been at the top of the game for years!

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