YouTube Music: Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of this App

YouTube is the world’s most popular streaming platform, and it is home to millions of videos created by digital creators and companies from all around the globe. As per reports by Statista, the massive streaming platform had over 2.24 billion users worldwide in 2021. There are numerous reasons why the platform is immensely popular across different regions of the world. For starters, it allows individuals to watch videos for free (with ads) from all creators. Moreover, it also offers users the ability to upload videos and hold live streaming sessions. 

Another popular venture of the YouTube app is its music-based counterpart, YouTube Music. Formerly known as Google Play Music, YouTube Music is one of the best music streaming applications that fiercely compete with other popular music streaming apps and platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. Dedicated YouTube Music apps are available for both iOS and Android users. Moreover, macOS and Windows users can also access the web versions of the platform. However, most people prefer using the application since it offers all the features of the popular platform in a more compact manner. This article will list numerous tips and tricks following which users can get the most out of the platform and its applications. Let us dive right into it:

  • Block Explicit Music

Similar to how YouTube is home to millions of videos from different creators, YouTube music houses audio tracks from thousands of singers, bands and musical artists from all around the globe. There are millions of songs readily available for users to listen to. However, not all songs are suitable for people of all age groups, i.eThere are tons of explicit songs that are not suitable for children. Thankfully, the YouTube Music application offers users the option to block such songs by turning on the app’s Restricted Mode. Enabling the Restricted Mode helps filter out all songs unsuitable for children to listen to and offers a more filtered experience. All the user needs to do is open the YouTube Music app, navigate its Settings tab, and turn on the Restricted Mode. This feature is handy for parents who wish to shield their children from explicit music. 

  • Download Songs

Numerous times, users do not have access to a WiFI or cellular network. This is when the download feature of YouTube Music applications comes in handy. The YouTube Music app allows users to download and save songs, playlists and albums with a few taps. Users who wish to download content on the YouTube Music app can easily do so by tapping on the “More” option and clicking on the “Download” option. Once the download is complete, users can listen offline by navigating to the app’s downloads section.

However, the useful download functionality of the app is only available to users with YouTube’s Premium membership. This prevents users who do not wish to invest in a Premium membership from saving music offline. However, there are numerous ways following non-premium users can save music from YouTube and listen to it without an Internet connection. For instance, users of different devices and platforms, including macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS, can use third-party YouTube downloader applications to download and save audio files locally. Besides this, individuals can also use an online YouTube downloader platform to virtually download and save songs, podcasts, playlists, and albums on their respective devices.

  • Use Songs as Alarm Tones

There are times when users wish to set a particular song or tune present on a music streaming platform as their alarm ringtone but are unable to do so, primarily because of the lack of a download option. However, YouTube Music allows users to set any song or tune available on their platform as their alarm tone. All the user needs to do is open their Google Clock app, open the Alarm section, tap on the down arrow, tap on the icon resembling the sound icon, tap on the YouTube Music option and choose the song they wish to set as their alarm tone. However, the popular feature is only available for Android users with a Premium membership.  

  • Upload Music

YouTube Music also offers users the option to upload their songs and playlists. This feature of the top-tier music streaming platforms significantly benefits users who love listening to songs from underrated artists whose songs are not featured on the popular streaming platform. All the user needs to do is upload the music files on the platform and add them to their playlists to listen to them, along with songs of artists who are popular on the platform. Currently, users can only upload music files using their desktops. 

YouTube Music has millions of active users, thanks to its wide range of offerings in terms of music. If you are looking for a popular music streaming application that features songs from top-tier artists, consider using the YouTube Music app on your smartphone.

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