Why must Businesses in India Choose .in Domain instead of .com?


Does your business operate in India? Or Are you planning to run an online business for an Indian market? If such is your case, you must be wondering if you should choose a .in or .com domain name in India. Basically, your choice must depend on your audience and your long-term business aim. 

If you solely target an audience in India, you must look for .in domain at lowest price. In this article, we will apprehend why businesses in India must go for the .in domain instead of the .com domain extension. 

Also, you will get insights into the best web hosting company providing .in Domain at Cheap Price – Hostbillo. Jump into the subsequent sections and grab all the details. 

Why .in Domain is Better Than .com in India?

The .in ccTLD becomes the cheapest and the most effective choice for your website when you are in any of the following situations – 

  • You want to target the Indian market
  • You run a small store that can accommodate customers from a local area in India
  • When your website is documented in Indian languages
  • When the .com keyword domain name is not under your budget and you also can not find a better alternative  
  • When you aim to build a wise domain hack such as

As mentioned in the beginning, you can rely on Hostbillo for obtaining the Best .in Domain cheap price. Hostbillo is the industry-leading web hosting company that lets you own the desired .in domain name for your website at the cheapest price. Further, it provides the following benefits with the .in domain registration – 

  • Easy set up
  • Free DNS management
  • Domain theft protection
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Free ID protection option
  • Custom nameservers

3 options For Business Who are Looking for an Indian Domain

Indian Domain

There are three choices available for online businesses that are seeking an Indian domain – 

  1. Sub-Domain (for example,
  2. Sub-Folder (for example,
  3. ccTLD (for example,

Let’s comprehend each of these domains!

  • Sub-Domain (for example,

You must take into consideration that a sub-domain does not inherit all of the domain power and integrity that you might acquire from owning a separate domain. Also, people sometimes append “www” before the domain name unconsciously. So, there exists a risk that they miss out on your site’s link. The sub-domain is the least preferred of the three available options.

  • Sub-Folder (for example,

The sub-folder domain serves as the most effective strategy when you wish to target particular languages. It helps you separate websites that employ varied versions of the same language. Moreover, it also enables you to split websites that make use of different languages within the same country. 

For instance, the Hindi language and English language websites can have domains such as and respectively. Suppose your top-level domain has acquired good link authority. Then, the same benefits will get handed on to the sub-folder. 

Further, the sub-folder domains come with the advantage of the low pricing. You also do not require to maintain or handle multiple domains. Hence, you can highly think of opting for this option if you aim to grow your business beyond the country of origin. Or if you need to manage multilingual versions of your website.

  • ccTLD (for example,

ccTLD stands for country code top-level domain. It is secured for a country. For example, the ccTLD .in Domain Name is committed to India country. It is authorized by NIXI (national internet exchange of India, a GoI body). 

One of the great benefits of ccTLD is that the country-specific search engine provides a high rank to websites with ccTLD. So, can achieve a better search authority when the user searches within Google India. It ranks higher than a sub-domains or sub-directories. 

Another excellent advantage of employing ccTLD for your website is that you can acquire the attention of a wide range of customers. In numerous countries, the web businesses utilizing ccTLDs are more entrusted than ones that employ a different structure. 

For instance, a .in Domain Name gets a more acceptable perception locally than a .com domain name. Also, companies owning a country code top-level domain generally have a physical presence in that country.

Benefits of Registering .in Domain Name in India

This section conveys some of the significant benefits of a .in Domain Name in India- 

  • The .in domain name fortifies your brand as a local business in India. Almost half of the Indians prefer to purchase from local brands. This domain helps you build trust in your audience while sharing the same culture with them. 
  • The Internet is piled up with an immeasurable amount of content. So, the .in domain name helps you capture and retain people’s attention. 
  • With this domain, your online business becomes capable of dominating local search results and obtaining more traffic. Consequently, you get the possibility to generate more revenue.  
  • With the .in Domain Name extension, you get a better chance to attain the desired domain name. This is because .in puts you in much lesser competition than the .com and .net do. 

Final view

For any Indian business or any venture targetting the Indian market, the .in Domain Name is highly recommended instead of .com. However, suppose you aim to create domain authority on a .com domain while delivering the benefits to the country or language-specific versions of the website. 

You can consider picking a sub-folder domain strategy. On the other side, if your audience is across the world and you want to expand your business internationally, you should choose the .com domain extension. 

Hostbillo is the Best Domain Provider in India. They offer .in Domain Name at Lowest price. It only cost you 7.48$ for a year and you get the best service with all the feature and benefits.

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