Why Is A Professional Land Surveyor Indispensable?

Professional land surveyors play an important part in a wide range of projects and developments, from conventional buildings to oil and gas pipelines. Professional surveyors are responsible for a wide range of tasks, including mapping out project regions, identifying potential dangers, and verifying designs. With the availability of new technologies, land surveying is changing toward a more data-driven posture, with extensive data available for organizations interested in simplifying and improving their operations. In this essay, we’ll look at why professional land surveyors are important and how their roles have evolved.

Professional Land Surveying Is Critical

Surveying is frequently one of the first tasks that must be done during the development process. Surveying must not only be precise, but it must also be quick. A prolonged survey will eventually push back deadlines, postponing all stages of the development process. Professional land surveyors understand the importance of a land survey and can carry out their responsibilities as efficiently and fully as possible.

A professional land survey identifies important elements of the land, including risk and opportunity assessments. A development project’s whole scope is laid out for future planning. Measurements and maps are created, and existing maps are double-checked to confirm that development is taking place in the appropriate parts of the land and that the proper property borders have been established.

Many properties may have pre-existing concerns, such as inaccurate borders, faulty utility and easement registration, or misplaced animal crossings. These flaws, which may have easily arisen over time, will be corrected by a competent land survey. Failure to address these concerns can eventually lead to difficulties ranging from government penalties to worker damage.

Is It Still Necessary To Hire A Professional Land Surveyor?

Land surveying is a high-tech profession. UAVs, laser mapping, cloud computing, and other technologies have significantly shortened the time required to conduct a survey. Much of the process has been mechanized or optimized, using fewer man-hours and Surveyor Wollongong. This raises the question of whether surveyors are being replaced.

The answer is emphatically no; their responsibilities are merely shifting. As fast and useful as new technology is, there is still a strong requirement for a land surveyor to be involved in the process to check data integrity and attest to locations so that other parties accessing the data do not plan and construct on wrong data.

Drones, for example, are excellent at gathering surveying data, but only provided their parameters are well-defined and their progress is regularly controlled. Technical faults with the UAV may also arise, necessitating an on-site repair. A conventional land survey is also typically desirable if a given place requires a far more extensive survey.

Also, certain things simply can’t be done with a machine. Staking, for example, still necessitates the participation of a human.

Certain sorts of data analysis can also only be performed by a land surveyor. Comparing old maps to current maps, for example, may necessitate the inspection of both records by a person.

Furthermore, with an inflow of survey data, building project managers want a partner that can assist them in turning that data into meaningful insights. A surveying business might function as a consultant, collaborating with project managers to assist them to comprehend the data, potential difficulties that may arise in a project, and how to meet deadlines as effectively as possible. In other words, surveyors may supply more than simply helpful information; they can also provide analysis.

Last Thoughts

Land surveying is a science that has existed for thousands of years — and its value has never diminished. Today’s surveyors are increasingly akin to data scientists, delivering not just survey data but also the insights required to make that data meaningful and achieve desired outcomes.

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