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What You Should Be Aware Of Concerning Pinterest’s New Invite-Only Collage App, “Shuffles”?

The brand-new Pinterest Shuffles app is where you should be spending your time. This past month, a beta version of Shuffles was made available to iOS users. It is a platform that allows users to create interactive collages using either the extensive photo collection that Pinterest provides or their photos. You can visualize your perfect living space; make a mood board that reflects your current aesthetic preferences, and so much more. Additionally, everything you add to a collage becomes a clickable link that can be used to navigate back to the original Pin and, by extension, the website where it was found. That is very cool, don’t you think? The only catch is that you need an invite to use Shuffles now, and it seems like getting an invite code is even harder to come by than winning one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Shuffles App On Pinterest?

After you have successfully launched Shuffles for the first time, you will be prompted to login into your Pinterest account so that the app may access all of your prior boards. After you choose which pinned photos you want to include in the new collage, the tool will automatically remove the images from their backgrounds with a single tap after you have selected which photos you want to include. When you have finished copying all of the essential photographs into a collage, you will have the ability to freely resize, layer, rotate, delete, and add text to the collage.

The ability to control the movement of particular components is yet another entertaining element. For instance, if your mood board features a picture of a disco ball, you could make it spin to give the impression that it is more lifelike. The finished result has a contemporary spin on it, yet it is evocative of content that was popular on Tumblr in the 2010s.

Where Can I Find The Codes For The Pinterest Shuffles?

For the time being, the only people who can create a Shuffles account are those who have been granted the coveted invite code. These coupons are contributed by current users, who, upon joining the app, receive anywhere from three to five additional coupons to give away to new users. You also have the option of signing up for the app’s waitlist, which will allow you to use it once Pinterest starts making it available to the wider public. Recent content published on Instagram by the platform indicated, “We are progressively letting people in to ensure that nothing will get damaged. We’re going to get everyone to shuffle dancing as quickly as we possibly can!”

If you simply cannot wait any longer, here are a few options that will allow you to obtain an invite code in the meantime:

• Pinterest has begun disseminating invite codes on an Instagram Stories basis every few days. If you enable post alerts and follow the Pinterest Instagram account, you will receive notifications whenever there is a new drop.

• Users are disseminating codes throughout social media platforms including Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Search for “Shuffles invite code” on either of these apps, or search for “shuffles” or “shufflesbypinterest” using one of the aforementioned hashtags, and then respond to users who are offering their codes. It is recommended that you answer recent posts to avoid receiving a code that has already been utilized. This is because there are most likely hundreds of other people doing this at the same time as you.

• On the Pinterest subreddit, users are both looking for and offering code giveaways to one another. Hang out there, and once more, sort the posts by the most recent ones to avoid viewing conversations that took place several days ago.

See what all the hype is about by watching the videos that Shuffles productions have uploaded to TikTok, which you can find below. And if you’re looking for an invite code, may the odds always be in your favor. Good luck!

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