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What are the Benefits of aged care for your loved one?

Your loved one may need extra care as they age. There are obvious signs of this need, such as confusion or problems with motor function. However, health, mobility, and mental acuity decline gradually. By the time these signs become apparent, it may be too late. Aged care is cheaper than retirement communities and provides many benefits. Below, you’ll find some of the most important reasons for considering it for your loved one.


Cheaper than a retirement community

While the costs of in-home care are usually less than those of a retirement community, there are some cons to consider. It may be challenging to find a home care agency in your locality. While choosing a home care agency, do your homework before making a final decision. The agency should be able to meet your specific needs. 


Most seniors prefer to remain at home because it allows them to retain independence. Keeping their familiar surroundings is essential, especially for those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of degenerative diseases. However, many older adults can’t remain in their homes without help. Assisted living or long-term care is required. In-home care is a cheaper alternative to a retirement community, and it also provides personalised care and is more affordable.


Improves quality of life

In today’s world, people lead busy lives, and finding time for family and aging loved ones can be challenging. Professional care will address basic needs and prevent accidents. Meanwhile, family and friends can provide social support and compassion. This care will not affect your mental and emotional wellbeing or interfere with your work. Instead, it will improve your loved one’s quality of life. And it won’t take up too much of your time.


In addition to improving your loved one’s quality of life, it will improve their independence. 

Aside from improving the quality of life for your loved one, home care can also ensure regular medical and medication administration. A Care Coordinator can help families access benefits, help develop personalised care plans and find local resources. 


Reduces risk of falls

The staff in an aged care facility should be familiar with your loved one’s medical history and any health conditions that may increase the risk of falls. Those with diabetes or cognitive impairments are at increased risk for falls. If you are unsure whether a loved one has these conditions, ask their primary care provider to perform a fall risk assessment. They can also prescribe physical therapy to maintain strength and balance.


Another way to reduce the risk of falls is to encourage your loved one to get out of bed and exercise. Make sure they get enough exercise, drink enough fluids, and keep themselves hydrated. A caregiver’s job is to help their loved one maintain the proper levels of muscle and fat stores and avoid dehydration. Those with dementia should be supported in their daily activities by caregivers. 


Eases transportation

Using age-friendly transport services for your loved ones can make their daily routines more manageable and safer. Whether it’s a trip to the post office or the park, a reputable service can take your loved one anywhere in the city without worrying about getting lost or hurt. These services also allow them to engage in routine activities away from home, such as going to the doctor or grocery store. You may read more about elder care at Respect website, so check it out!


Reduces stress

Aging brings with it many challenges, including personal finances and home maintenance. Caring for a senior can be stressful, and many family caregivers isolate themselves to focus on their loved one’s needs. While you may be unable to take the time to spend with a pet, keeping a pet can help refocus energy in a positive direction and give you a mental outlet.


Caregivers should make time to socialise. Whether joining a support group or attending a physical fitness class, you should find time to recharge. During the holidays, take some time out for yourself. Do something relaxing, buy yourself a treat, take a long bath with essential oils, and find ways to reward yourself. It’s important to remember that you are valuable and that you deserve time to yourself.

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