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What are the benefits of a flexible fire curtain?

A flexible fire curtain absorbs most of the smoke from the blaze, it is more energy-efficient than a full smoke exhaust system, and it’s more aesthetically pleasing. Read on to learn more about the different features of a flexible fire curtain. And remember that you can always count on Fire Curtain Technologies for code compliance and design support if you’re unsure which option is best for your project.


It can be lowered automatically or driven up by a fire-fighter override switch.

A flexible fire curtain has a range of advantages over conventional static curtains. These products can be lowered automatically or driven up by a fire-fighter override switch. They don’t need to be mounted on a wall or niche, and they don’t require water sprinklers or a large amount of mounting space. They’re also virtually invisible, so they don’t cause unnecessary space division.

Another significant advantage of a flexible fire curtain is that it can easily be concealed when not in use. They’re lightweight, allowing installation in tight areas without compromising building design. And, unlike roller shutters, they’re not visually intrusive. Fire curtains can be powder-coated to blend in with a building’s interior design. Fire curtains are a cost-effective choice for many buildings depending on the application. You may check this website to find out what are the advantages of a flexible fire curtain.


It absorbs most of the smoke

Unlike rigid barriers, which must be installed on walls, fire curtains are flexible enough to move with the wind and can be adjusted to fit most window shapes and sizes. Flexible fire curtains are made of heavyweight glass fiber reinforced with stainless steel wire and coated with a fire-retardant aluminum pigmented polyurethane (APU) coating. The fire curtain is usually equipped with a special control system to descend automatically via a 24V gravity fail-safe motor. The curtain can be operated by one person or automatically in two-hour increments.

Whether or not a fire-resistant fire curtain is right for a particular building depends on its use and configuration. When appropriately installed, fire curtains can be highly effective, absorbing most smoke and ensuring occupants’ safety. A flexible fire curtain absorbs most of the smoke in a fire, allowing occupants to exit through the floor.


It is more energy-efficient than a full smoke exhaust system

Fire curtains are the most effective way to protect elevators in buildings. Deployable fire curtains are highly efficient and integrate into the atrium design seamlessly. Fire curtains also reduce structural costs and can improve building design and safety. These curtains compartmentalize smoke before it spreads throughout a building. In addition, they don’t require structural reinforcement. Because they don’t block views, fire curtains are an energy-efficient option for buildings.

Unlike a full smoke exhaust system, a flexible fire curtain can subdivide spaces served by a mechanical smoke exhaust system. A smoke exhaust system can be more energy-efficient if it’s designed to complement other building safety features. Smoke curtains come in various shapes, sizes, and assemblies, and these options ensure the system works well with your building’s existing smoke exhaust system.


It can be easily adjusted

When used correctly, fire curtains are essential parts of any fire safety regime, so facility managers should invest in premium products and support maintenance programs to ensure their continued reliability.

Fire safety curtains can be adjusted to a wide range of heights and weights. Standard fire safety curtain systems are 8,000 pounds and can go as high as 40,000 pounds. Fire safety curtains are generally high-temperature coated fiberglass, which meets most building codes. Available in black or beige colors, they are easy to install and rigged. Stainless steel wire is woven into the cloth for added strength. It is easy to adjust the height and position of a flexible fire curtain.

The FM-1 fire curtain is an easy-to-adjustable fire protection system. Its modular construction means that it can be adjusted to any building’s shape and size. It is also very easy to maintain. The FM-1 is delivered in a modular form for quick and easy installation and maintenance. The headbox is closed off with a protective panel, which allows access to the entire length of the system. In case of an emergency, it is possible to adjust the fire curtain height by simply pushing a button on the control panel.


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