Top Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Top Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state in India that is located in the far north of the Asian subcontinent. This state is famous for the variety of scenery it contains. Everything from woods to glacial lakes, snow-capped summits, meadows, and ice stretches produced by snow can be found here. It has steep snow-clad mountains, deep gorges, densely forested valleys, big lakes, terraced farmland, and cascading streams. Trekking in Himachal Pradesh is available from March to September at a reasonable rate. Those seeking more can take various paths that lead to waterfalls, valleys, and further mountains. Tourism in Himachal Pradesh has been given top importance, and the government has built the necessary infrastructure to support its growth.

Malana Village Trek

The Malana village hike is a 4-kilometer trail that brings you to one of India’s oldest settlements. It begins in the Himachal village of Jari. Take a long trek down the narrow winding pathways that cut into the hills’ hearts. It is one of the most rewarding weekend treks in Himachal Pradesh. The foggy mornings and clean mountain air will help you relax. Visitors considering a trip to Kasol should not miss out on the pleasure of a pleasantly charming trek from Kasol to Malana.

Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund is not only a gorgeous location, but it also has significant historical significance. It is situated in the Himalayan Dhauladhar Range. To go to Beas Kund, one must first finish a short hike. It’s a 15 to 17-kilometer hike that takes about three days to finish. Because it is not tough, it is appropriate for all age groups. Furthermore, you do not need to be an expert in trekking to complete this adventure. The beautiful beauty can be enjoyed by staying at one of the campsites along the trail.

Chandrakhani Pass Trek

The Chandrakhani Pass Trek offers breathtaking views of the Deo Tibba and Pirpanjal ranges. It ranges in elevation from 2,550 to 3,660 meters. It is one among Himachal Pradesh’s moderate and low altitude treks, and it takes three days to complete. The voyage begins in Naggar, on the left side of the Beas River, and continues through Rumsu, Ganachalani, and Celani. Himachal Pradesh hiking can not get any better than this, as it is one of the most accessible hikes.

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Jakhu Temple Trek

Shimla’s Jakhu Temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This temple is well-known for housing thousands of adorable monkeys. At the temple, there is a massive sculpture of Lord Hanuman. It is the cynosure of all eyes, standing at 108 feet in height. The temple is situated on Shimla’s tallest mountain, at a height of 2000+ meters. Visitors can observe the tall Hanuman Statue in Jakhu Shrine while trekking to the temple, hidden behind the deodar trees.

Prashar Lake Trek

The majestic Dhauladhar hills surround Prashar Lake in Kullu Valley. This Himalayan trekking destination provides a stunning 180-degree vista of three mountain ranges: Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur. The most popular route is through Biaggi village, while the other is through Jwalapur village. When compared to the Jwalapur path, the journey through Biaggi village is a little tougher. Winter visitors to Himachal Pradesh should consider visiting this gorgeous location, which is a fantastic winter snow trek from Delhi.

Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass is located in the Pir Panjal region at an elevation of 4270 meters. At a height of 14000 feet, this area is mostly visited by shepherds and a few trekkers. The Hampta Pass climb is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most demanding hikes. Glaciers, rivulets, rocky mountains, and meadows surround it. This walk cannot be completed without the Himachal Pradesh trekking map.

Triund Trek

People opting for solitary hikes in Himachal Pradesh could surely visit the Triund routes and meet the mountains. The Dhauladhar ranges appear to be vast and magnificent. Have a bonfire while camping under the stars at night. You will consider yourself fortunate to be in the sight of such a stunning landscape. There is no place on Earth like Triund. Trust us when we say that this will be one of the most memorable treks you’ve ever experienced.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

The Bhrigu Lake hike will provide you with an unforgettable experience. It is located at an elevation of 14,000 feet, and there is no other Himalayan journey that allows you to reach such a high point in just two days. It is one of Himachal Pradesh’s top summer treks. The best time to go on the Bhrigu Lake walk is between May and June.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

For those who are seeking for challenging hikes in Himachal, Pin Parvati is a perfect alternative. The trek puts you at an incredible height of 16,000 feet and provides you magnificent landscape. It is not an excellent walk for beginners or inexperienced as the terrain is steep and challenging. Even veteran hikers require considerable stamina to venture in this journey. You will go across high mountain passes, undulating meadows, snowy sceneries, and rocks. Since it is a 9-day trek,you should also be mentally prepared for it.

Deo Tibba Base Camp

It’s possible to journey to the base of Deo Tibba mountain via the Deo Tibba Base Camp trek. The hike is located in a rural area, so you’ll get a taste of nature and mountain scenery. To prepare you for more difficult mountain climbs and adventures, you’ll encounter a variety of challenges on this trek. Because this walk is physically demanding, it is not recommended for first-timers.

Sar Pass Trek

The Sar Pass Trek, which originates in the Kasol region, offers breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas. Everything about this walk, from the camping to the breathtaking scenery, is unique and enchanting. Along the walk, you’ll pass pine and deodar trees and flower-filled meadows. Sar Pass is indeed a magnificent alpine journey.

 Chamba Trek

The walk to Chamba from Dalhousie is a must-do adventure for every thrill lover. This trip through the Chamba Valley is as breathtaking as it gets, with breathtaking vistas of the natural wonders, vast blue skies and rich green greenery. For Himachal Pradesh, the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal mountain ranges make this walk a must-do because of the strange routes through the deodar forests and the breathtaking views.

Great Himalayan National Park Trek

Trekking to the Great Himalayan National Park is one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can have. To reach the magical location of wild species and an assortment of natural wonders, one must begin this adventure in Shilt Thatch. As you gaze up at the dense canopy over your head, you could catch glimpses of the sun glinting off the scratchy leaves. Relax on the banks of the Tirthan River, savour the tranquilly, and catch a glimpse of a variety of wildlife.

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