Top 5 iPhone App Development Technologies You Must Know

The iPhone has been a must-have for most individuals in this society. People can make more connections via mobile applications than any other medium. According to recent StatCounter data, 56% of online connections are made via mobile phones, of which 27% use iOS devices. 


So you see, it is worth investing in any iPhone development agency. Various technologies are used to develop a successful iPhone application. Here in this article, we will discuss technologies that every iPhone app development agency must use. So the list goes something like this,



Swift is a technological language used to develop macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and watchOS solutions. This programming language was created in 2014 after Objective-C. It works best with frameworks like Cocoa Touch and codebase written especially for Apple products. In one of the surveys, it was stated that 5.9% of developers use Swift for iOS development worldwide. 


It is the best choice when you want to create an application that can be expanded later quickly. It is an easy language to write reliable and safe code. It regularly updates, making it easy for you to make improvements. 



Objective-C is an object-oriented technological language. It is the perfect choice for developing iOS systems and their APIs. Another report by Stack Overflow stated Objective-C as 20th best among other options. It is used by 4.1 % of individuals worldwide. 


It is a mature developing language, so you can consider it only when looking to create applications that are available for all.  



HTML5 is considered the fifth major version of HTML used to create a well-defined structure of websites. It works best in combination with CSS and Java. HTML5, CSS, and Java are the big three of the frontend. You can successfully create an iOS application with this language that can be easily accessed offline. 



Java is again an object-oriented and class-based programming language. You don’t need to have any recompilation in order to run it on any platform. It is the fifth most preferred language in the world and is equally popular among android app developers. 


React Native

It is a cross-network programming platform introduced by Facebook in 2015. It makes use of Javascript for the development of native apps and also allows users to create mobile applications using website technology. Various popular brands like Facebook and Instagram make use of this platform. 


It is a great way to save money and create high-quality applications. 



It is a comprehensive software kit that contains ready-to-use tools launched by Google in 2017. You can create appealing visuals and mobile & web applications using one code. It is a Dart programming-based language to create captivating web and desktop versions. 



It is another high-level and object-oriented language created by Microsoft. It is used by 31.4% of developers worldwide. And the framework is strictly integrated with the .NET platform. It is used best for writing apps for Windows systems. 


Final Words

The above technologies and programming languages are most preferred by most iPhone app development companies in the USA. Their knowledge can help you create the most effective and successful iOS applications that will be useful in the long run. 

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