The 10 Best Weed Games Ever

Gaming while high is a good-old classic. A joint comes better with a good game for your Play Station 4 or a PC version of a new gaming blockbuster. It’s fun to race on cars or conquer new plants with a team of bros on your couch, with a bong making you a company. Besides, you can always organize a fun game with friends without any gadgets, just like you did in childhood. 

You can find tons of energizing strains in dispensaries Los Angeles, setting you in the right mood for a gaming marathon. Or you can ask for a strain with a relaxing, contemplative effect to boost your immersion into the new sci-fi or fantasy story. It’s up to you to decide; weed has it all for any gaming plan. 

Still, the level of fun and enjoyment that stoner gaming will bring depends on the right game choice. We’ve searched deep and wide to come up with the stoners’ picks of all times for your stellar gaming. 

Traditional Weed Games 

#1 Medusa 

The company of stoners sits in a circle with their heads turned down. One person counts to three, and everyone raises their heads and stares at one of the participants, right into their eyes. If there is a match, these participants should say “Medusa!” and make a hit of weed. The game follows the Greek myth, which says that everyone who looks into the eyes of the Gorgon Medusa will be turned into stone. An ideal game for stoners, isn’t it? 

#2 Musical Chairs 

Do you remember the fun of hopping around a set of chairs, dancing to the music and waiting for it to pause, to be right in time to sit on one of the remaining chairs? We should say that it’s way more fun to play this game while high. The one who stays without a chair loses and has to take a hit (or anything you’ll figure out as punishment). 

#3 Movie Smoke-Along 

This game is super-fun and super-easy even for those locked to a couch and do not wish to fool around playing. You may just turn on a series of cannabis films or TV shows, and every time their characters smoke weed or say weed-related words, you all take a hit. The game is really exciting, driving everyone in close watching and focusing on all weed-related words and actions. Those who miss the hit lose the game, and you can invent some laughable penalties for them. 

#5 Strip Choker 

That’s a real stoner challenge, a test to your lungs and patience. You and your friends take a hit simultaneously and hold your breath as long as possible. The one who breathes out the first is the loser, so they should remove one article of clothing (just like in strip poker). The fun continues until you have anything to take off and until your lungs work well. 

#6 Smoking Dice 

To play this game and have fun, you need to purchase a set of Smokin’ Dice in advance. This set of dice has special instructions on its sides, which match the stoner party well. The tasks sound like “take a puff and dance slowly,” “take two tokes and laugh as hard as you can,” and all things of this sort. So, you’re sure to enjoy the pastime without wrecking your brains with complex tasks. 

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Video Games for Stoners 

Now, what about the video games collection for weed get-togethers? Video gaming is pretty addictive as well, and you can up the level of fun at your stoner party by pulling out a disk with your favorite car racing or mortal combat hit. Here is a list of games that will leave no stoner indifferent: 

  • Cheech and Chong Bud Farm – an excellent game letting you play on behalf of the cult stoner characters, Cheech and Chong, and grow your own weed in a virtual plantation. 
  • Mario Kart – driving while high is unacceptable, with a single exception. You can drive if you’re doing this on the roads of the Mario Kart game, a thrilling racing treat with your favorite Nintendo characters. It also has a mind-blowing soundtrack that will make the gaming process super-enjoyable. 
  • Minecraft – what can be better than building and controlling your own micro-world while high? This game gives an exceptional experience to stoners who can let their imagination go and create anything, from a post-apocalyptic bunker to a medieval fortress. 

Planning Can Maximize Fun 

Now, a couple of cautionary tips for avid stoner gamers. Once you’ve chosen the game and invited friends for the get-together, make sure that nobody needs to drive anywhere on this day. Prepare some snacks in advance so that munchies don’t drive you out of the gaming room in search of trouble. Besides, you should keep track of the weed dosage; it’s easy to overdose while excited with the gaming marathon. 

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