Social Media Marketing: Meaning, Benefits, and Marketing Strategy

Do you want your merchandise to sell well? Do you also want your product to be known by many people in a relatively short time? For this, you do not need to be confused. Just use marketing techniques with social media marketing.


So, what is meant by social media marketing? What strategies need to be done to do marketing with social media? What are the advantages of marketing using social media?


Surely you are not curious about all these questions? Come on, find out the full answer in the discussion about marketing through social media only in the following review.


What is the meaning of social media marketing?

Social media marketing is actually a type of digital marketing. This means that marketing activities use online media, such as platforms or applications and must be connected to the internet network. Because the media used in marketing activities is social media, examples of social media marketing used can be Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media.


Benefits of using social media marketing?

There are several benefits or advantages that you can feel when marketing with social media, including:


  1. Get Feedback from Promoted Products

When your product is promoted on social media, netizens or netizens will slowly recognize the product. If the product catches their attention, feedback will start appearing, such as liking, commenting, or even following your business’s social media accounts.


  1. Brand Awareness is getting higher

The more often you post certain products on social media, the more netizens will recognize the products you are promoting. This is what is meant by brand awareness. Yes, netizens are slowly starting to realize that your product is cool and quality enough so they are interested in buying it.


  1. Can Compete with Marketing Techniques from Competitors’ Products

Not only in conventional markets, marketing using social media also has many competitors. However, this should not be used as an obstacle, but rather motivates you to see how competitors promote their products. Just study it first, then try to do other marketing strategies that are more accurate in order to compete with these competitors.


Strategy for Social Media Marketing

Product marketing using social media also requires a clever strategy in order to attract consumers. Some of these social media marketing strategies include:


  1. Choose a Social Media Platform

There are several types of social media that you can use for online marketing. However, you should choose one of the social media first so you can focus more on managing the social media. For example, if you want to market a product on Instagram, you should take good product photos, give a caption that attracts consumers’ attention, and have active communication with your social media account followers.


  1. Find Out Consumer Taste

Every certain period of time, consumer tastes can change. During a pandemic like now, the need for masks and personal protective equipment has increased dramatically. Likewise, the need for products before Eid will also be different. Therefore, you need to take smart steps by marketing products that are tailored to consumer needs.


  1. Post Interesting Product Content

The next stage is posting product content to attract the attention of consumers or netizens. The content can be in the form of photos or video advertisements of the products you are promoting. Post regularly so that more consumers will recognize your product.


  1. Evaluate the Marketing Strategy

After everything is done, you also need to evaluate the marketing strategy that has been implemented. It aims to find the advantages and disadvantages of marketing activities. That way, these weaknesses can be corrected immediately and create a smarter marketing strategy.


Come on, now is the time for you to change your marketing technique by switching to social media marketing. That way, your products will be more easily exposed on social media so that the income from product sales is even higher.

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