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With an annual production and shipment capacity of over 100 million items, Longcheer is a China-based Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) that designs and manufactures high-quality products and services for companies like Xiaomi and Huawei. In order to understand Longcheer better, this article will provide an overview of its history, products, and services.

A brief overview

Longcheer Technology was founded in 1995 as a phone handset factory. Since then, it has become a major electronics player providing mobile devices, feature phones, smartphones, laptops and tablets. It is a leading provider of Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services, offering design, engineering, packaging, testing and manufacturing for some of the world’s largest brands, including Xiaomi and Huawei.

The history of

In 1995, Longcheer was founded in China as a telephone handset factory that produced low-cost products. The company has grown rapidly in size and scope over the years as technology has advanced rapidly. Today, Longcheer is one of the largest OEMs in the world, designing and manufacturing products and services for a variety of companies, including Xiaomi and Huawei.

Services and Products

With Longcheer’s products and services, companies like Xiaomi and Huawei can develop, customize, and manufacture their products. This can range from offering design recommendations and engineering services to final production.

Services in design

To help customers customize products, Longcheer offers design services. These include providing input on features and design options, as well as helping customers choose the best materials. CAD designs and prototypes can be created by Longcheer to ensure that the customer’s vision is fulfilled. The company can also assist with product development so that the product meets the customer’s needs.

Services in engineering

In addition to providing hardware, software, and system engineering services, Longcheer assists customers with product development. In addition, Longcheer offers support for device driver development, firmware programming and testing, and product certification.

Testing and packaging

To help customers package their products, Longcheer offers packaging services. Besides selecting the right packaging material, the company also provides packaging assistance in terms of design and layout, as well as testing services to ensure quality. Tests include electrical and mechanical performance, compatibility, certification, and regulatory compliance.

Services related to manufacturing

In addition to providing assembly, testing, and production services, Longcheer offers a variety of manufacturing services, including injection molding and surface mount technologies. The company also offers a wide range of production lines, including six SMT lines, eight molding lines, and eleven assembly lines.

In conclusion

In addition to providing reliable and high-quality products and services, Longcheer is a leading Original Design Manufacturer. Many of the world’s most famous brands have relied on the company for design, engineering, packaging, testing, and manufacturing services. Longcheer is one of the leading players in the global telecommunications industry with a production and shipment capacity of over 100 million items per year.

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