Is CBD lip balm good for your chapped lips?

Chapped, cracked, and dry lips are a disaster. Several factors can lead to it, like weather, constant licking of lips, deficiency of vitamins, and some medications are a few of the reasons that can lead to chapped lips. However, chapped lips are typical, and it ruins the looks. Often, some people develop a severe form of chapped lips, medically called cheilitis. The condition occurs due to infection caused by cracked skin at the corners of lips. With simple treatment and few preventive measures like full spectrum CBD, one can quickly treat chapped lips.


Chapped lips do not look good, and they hamper your personality. Dryness, flakiness, sores, cracks, bleeding, swelling are some of the symptoms that indicate you need to take better care of your lips.

Reasons that lead to chapped lips

The skin on the lips does not have oil glands like other skin. Thus lips are much more prone to get dry, and lack of moisture worsens the problem. In the winter months, the air gets a little extra humid, and it causes chapped lips. Also, during the summer months, when one is exposed to the Sun, it worsens the conditions. Also, if one continuously licks the lips, saliva from the tongue can make the lips devoid of moisture and further cause chapped lips. Significantly, if one has dry skin, their chapped lips further increase. Excessive smoking or caffeine intake also makes the lips dry and thus causes chapped lips.

Risk factors for chapped lips

Chapped lips are common, and if one has dry skin, the issue further aggravates. Certain medicines could also contribute to chapped lips. The medications and supplements that cause chapped lips are as follows:


  • Vitamin A
  • Retinoids
  • Lithium
  • Chemotherapy drugs

People who are malnourished and are dehydrated are more prone to dry chapped lips. Although a common skin condition, chapped lips are a parameter to judge one’s looks, hygiene, and self-care. People with chapped lips look bad, and it hampers their personality. People with chapped lips lack the confidence to face the world. For girls, the matter worsens as if one applies gloss or lipstick on the chapped lips. It does not look terrific. Dry, chapped lips overshadow even the prettiest dress from the best brands or a well-crafted body physique. Importantly, cracked lips are not a good sight, and it causes immense pain. While starting a conversation, one looks at the lips first, and chapped lips could be due to some medications, making the person appear very unpresentable. 

  Cure for chapped lips

 Imagine a situation where one is at a perfect date with the best partner and ambiance wearing the smartest outfit, but then the mere sight of chap[ped li[ps has the power to destroy the look and ruin the date. Thus it is evident that one wants to look attractive and groomed, and with chapped lips, it’s a far-fetched dream. Therefore one needs to use certain products or follow steps that can help avoid the problem of chapped lips, and even if they happen, it is resolved. Some of the proven products as recommended by dermatologists that prevent and cure chapped lips are as follows:

Stay hydrated 

dehydration is synonymous with chapped lips. Not drinking ample fluids and water is harmful to health and causes chapped lips. Thus drink enough water in a day. If the plain water bores you, infuse it with herbs and more. Dehydration leads to various health issues, and its first symptoms are dry, chapped lips. The skin on the lips is thin. Thus, they get chapped quickly. Therefore hike water intake and avoid caffeine, alcohol, and other such drinks.

Stop Frequent licking of lips and mouth breathing

Though chapped lips are a common skin problem, it is a gateway to health; thus, one needs to be careful. Few people are constantly licking their lips, and the saliva dries their lips, making them chapped; thus, stopping this habit will help get rid of chapped lips. Another habit people have is breathing from their lips, especially while sleeping; therefore, it dries their lips and should be avoided. One does this unintentionally, but then it shows some underlying health cause that often results in it. It is caused because of nasal passage blockage, and therefore consulting an ENT is mandatory.

CBD lip balm

There are several products infused with CBD from creams and facial cleaners, and it helps in getting skin. For the chapped lips, it is best to exfoliate them with CBD oil, then clean them with CBD cleanser and after that moisturize them with CBD lip balm. 

What is CBD lip balm?

CBD lip balm  is a wax-like product like bee wax that is scientifically proven to prevent and cure chapped lips. It creates a protective shield on the lips and stops them from chapping. Thus if it is licking lips or mouth breathing, or even if it is dry weather, your lips get chapped, then lip balm will guard it. It is very different from the other store-bought or organic lip balms available in the market.  It combines CBD and soothing balm that works wonders to give soft and smooth lips. It is enriched with inflammatory qualities that provide relief from chapped lips, and importantly several tests in all parts of the globe have proved its worth. Even the dermatologist now recommends it as a product, as it prevents tenderness that is caused due to dry, flaky lips. It helps the lips to get soft and smooth without much effort. It is readily available in the market, applying it on clean lips. Within a few days of use, there is a noticeable difference. It is effective in the case of sun-damaged lips. Importantly it works even in extreme dry winter conditions or during chilly winds. Also, if one is exceptionally fond of applying makeup and lipsticks, then it is recommended that first a layer of CBD lip balm is applied. This will help protect the lips from the harsh chemicals used in lipstick. 


Irrespective of the reason that results in chapped lips, it is recommended that one visits a dermatologist several underlying reasons cause chapped lips. Use good quality CBD lip balm for beautiful lips that enhance your personality and help you feel confident about yourself. It is a must-have daily care. 

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