How to Add a Shopping Cart to a Website to Sell Digital Goods Online?

With the motive to maintain your order and deliver excellent customer service, you need a working eCommerce website when selling products online. Adding a shopping cart to an existing website or blog can be challenging. Still, adding a shopping cart to an existing website is easier without changing anything to your running business. You don’t need technical skills when adding a shopping cart to the website. You can consider many shopping carts today, and the choices are huge enough to choose the suitable one. Always consider the shopping cart that provides you with the needed flexibility and features you need to sell digital downloads


What Shopping Cart is?


An online shopping cart allows your customers to make purchases for products from your website, and some basic shopping carts only include necessary features that make them even more secure. Those include a buy now button and checkout pages. But some efficient shopping carts even go the extra mile to deliver the needed benefits from the interesting functionalities. It includes improving customer services and other necessary e-commerce tools for your website. 


Benefits of Adding Shopping Cart to an Existing Website 


People nowadays look for easiness in everything, and the natural process allows customers to enhance their shopping experience on your website even better. Online shopping carts are the best way to sell digital downloads, and those even work great to convert online store visitors to customers. Shoppers usually consider a shopping cart as a place where they can check and place the needed products before even paying for the same. 


They consider purchasing a product from your store, and they even determine whether the product is suitable for them or not. A shopping cart acts as a way for online store owners to maintain a customer’s buying journey and purchasing decision. Depending on the same, owners can know what attracts the customers the most and what is stopping them from making purchases. They can even check different issues and propose a suitable solution for the customers involved. 


Digital Products You Can Sell Online


Once you have decided about entering the digital product marketplace and adding a shopping cart to your existing website, the next step is to figure out what you want to offer to your target audiences. Here are some products you can sell online right now – 


Online Courses


If you are an expert in specific areas, selling online courses can be an efficient way to earn extra income. You can deliver lessons and tutorials anything, including anything from website development to finance to cooking. 




If you are a professional in photography, there are different niches you can enter to sell your work, and among them, the popular ones are landscapes and eCommerce photography. The latter is becoming extremely popular with more businesses moving online and are in need of high-quality images for products. 




Same as photography, you can even sell printables online, and it can cover a wider range of products, including calendars, templates, or digital art. For instance, if you are working on a travel blog, create itineraries for different locations, and you can think about considering selling checklists, packing lists, and other useful materials.


Shopping Cart Features


Shopping cart software includes the business-facing, customer-facing, or front. The front end includes the online store that your customers use the most to browse products, whereas the back end includes the control panel or the dashboard. These both allow your customers to make product purchases conveniently. Below is the list of features provided by an advanced shopping cart –  


  • Product page information regarding customer reviews and ratings. 
  • View the cart page for viewing the selected products.
  • Search functionality
  • The integrated blog features increase your readers. 


Backend features provided by an advanced shopping cart – 


  • Tax calculation
  • Order management
  • Invoice management
  • Inventory management
  • Variety of payment options
  • Social media integration, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping
  • Marketplace Integrations
  • Real-time calculation and shipping integration


You can benefit your small business by adding a shopping cart while considering that nowadays, more people prefer to buy online compared to offline stores. You need to do your research on different features provided by different shopping carts and start applying the same with the suitable one. Add a shopping cart to the website to sell digital goods online, and start growing your business online.

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