Five Of The Most Popular Heet Flavors Currently Available On The Market

The IQOS heet sticks are a branded product that was developed specifically for use with the IQOS device. If you are just starting with the IQOS device or this is your first time using it, it is in your best interest to sample all of the many flavors of IQOS sheets that are now on the market. In this manner, you can choose which flavor most closely matches your preferences. The flavor and taste aren’t the only things that set these sticks apart; the overall design and other features of the stick are also key differentiators. When you sum up all of the insignificant particulars, you end up with a significant difference. If you are new to utilizing IQOS heets sticks, here are various tastes that you should test out before deciding on a particular one to stick with.

Amber Label

According to the assessments, the first stick on the list is widely regarded as being among the most potent of the bunch. The amber-labeled sticks have a more robust taste of tobacco than the other varieties. You may tell that there is far more tobacco present simply by smelling it. Due to the flavor’s intensity, it is most commonly recommended to people who wish to test the IQOS device immediately after consuming traditional cigarettes as a replacement for their smoking habit.

Yellow Label

The yellow label has a taste that is only somewhat less potent than its amber counterpart. The yellow label is intended to look as much like standard cigarettes as is practicable. People who smoke cigarettes daily may find that this label meets their needs. Users may find it simpler to transition from traditional cigarettes to the IQOS device, which is regarded as safer if they use this taste.

Turquoise Label

This particular label has a menthol taste. The menthol may strike you as a little bit harsh and a little bit bitter. The taste of tobacco is muted by this flavoring, while it is not eliminated. When breathed, the mint taste creates a mood that is uplifting and revitalizing. Although it is not as potent as the product with the yellow label, it nonetheless supplies the appropriate quantity of nicotine.

Purple Label

Those sticks with purple labels smell strongly like berries. The perfume is enticing, yet it is quite reminiscent of both currants and mint at the same time. The flavor is pleasant and well-balanced even though it incorporates both of the other aromas. The flavor is not overpowered by the underlying minty flavor, and the tobacco flavor does not have an excessive amount of intensity. This is the greatest option for you if you like the smell of berries, as it has that kind of scent.

Green Zing

The green flavor has a zesty citrus aftertaste that is quite invigorating. The heet stick has an immediate flavor that is quite rich, and it leaves behind an aftertaste that is just slightly acidic. This taste is provided by the wetness that various herbs and lime produce, and it is responsible for these effects. It is not extremely popular, but if you are looking for something different, this is the option that you should go with.

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