6 Best Practices for Electric Motorcycle Maintenance

Aside from its environmental benefits, another primary advantage of an electric motorcycle is how it requires little maintenance and is typically cost-effective in the long run.

However, this also means your e-motorbike still requires some maintenance.

On the bright side, you will never have to worry about maintenance issues such as changing the oil, adjusting the valve or replacing the air filters.

That said, what are the maintenance services you need to carry out on your e-motorbike to keep it in top condition and at optimum performance.

Read on to discover 6 best practices for electric motorcycle maintenance. 

Does an Electric Motorcycle Need Maintenance?

The answer is yes! 

Your e-motorbike requires periodic maintenance to keep it in the best condition and prolong its life. 

Here are top reasons you should keep up with your electric motorcycle maintenance: 

  • It will enhance your bike’s performance and reliability
  • Maintenance prolongs the lifespan of your e-motorcycle
  • Proper maintenance reduces the chances roadside emergencies due to bike issues
  • It contributes to ensuring your safety and that of other road users
  • It keeps your bike use and operations sustainable

That said, let us explore some electric motorbike maintenance tips.

6 Tips for E-motorcycle Maintenance

Here are six critical actions you need to carry out on your electric motorcycle to ensure proper maintenance:

1. Regular cleaning

Your electric motorcycle needs to be regularly cleaned to maintain perfect working conditions. 

This presence of dirt and mud on your vehicle can lead to the tear and wear of different bike parts. 

Here are some tips for cleaning your electric motorcycle:

  • Use a bucket, low-powered hose, soft brush, clean cloth and mild washing products when cleaning
  • Turn off all systems and close all electrical connections before you wash
  • Close the charging port before washing to avoid getting water in it. To clean this part, use a soft brush and vacuum to get rid of dust and mud
  • Use a mild detergent to clean parts such as the hub motor, drivetrain and the tyres
  • Once cleaned and properly dried, apply lubrication to the moving parts to avoid rust and friction

2. Battery care and maintenance

The battery of your electric motorcycle is the heart of your vehicle. 

If you fail to maintain this vital part properly, your electric motorbike will cause issues. 

Fun fact? Your battery can last for as long as five years with proper care and maintenance!

First, you need to charge your battery properly to prolong its life and avoid damaging it. Reading the manufacturer’s manual should give you insight into how to remove, charge, and fix your battery correctly. 

In addition, charging your battery properly will prolong its lifespan. 

You want to avoid overcharging or undercharging it. So when charging, use suitable chargers and follow the correct steps for charging a battery.

Another thing is storage conditions.

Batteries break down when exposed to extreme temperatures, so you want to charge and store your electric motorbike battery at room temperature. 

Another great way to care for your battery is not letting it drain completely before charging it. 

3. Maintenance of the brake and brake fluids

Just as you have on the gas-powered vehicles, your electric motorcycles have brakes that need regular maintenance. To maintain the brakes, you need to pay attention to the brake pads, levers, discs and cables. 

Furthermore, recommend replacing your brake fluids every two years or as your manufacturer’s manual recommends. 

You also need to constantly inspect the cable and levers for any tear and wear. 

4. Lubrication of moving parts

The moving parts in your electric motorcycles require regular lubrication to maintain them. Otherwise, these parts may rust and cause more friction in your bike. 

For example, the drivetrain needs to be regularly washed and lubricated to keep it in proper working condition. 

Other parts to lubricate include the gears and bearings. With frequent use, these parts tend to break down if they are not properly cleaned and oiled. 

But, before lubricating, check your manufacturer’s guide to learn the parts that need lubrication and how to do so correctly. 

5. Update apps and software

Some apps and software provide information and updates about your electric motorcycle, its condition and ride updates. 

You want to pay attention to regular updates of these apps and software. 

This will ensure you keep up with the status of your vehicle and extend the life of your battery and other parts.

6. Tyre pressure

Before riding your electric motorcycle, an excellent maintenance tip is to check the tyre pressure. 

Otherwise, you risk falling and hurting yourself. 

Therefore, you want to be updated on the status of the tyre pressure — whether it needs refilling or it’s alright. 

While there is no right tire pressure, you check your manufacturer’s guide for the recommended tyre pressure for your bike and use a pressure gauge to check your status.

Bonus tip? Always look out for loose bolts, nuts, and screws on your electric motorcycle. When never your notice a loose join, try to tighten them and ensure they are properly secured before getting on your vehicle. 

Maintaining Your E-Motorbike: What You Don’t Need to Do

Now that you know some maintenance activities you need to carry out on your electric motorbike, here are some things you don’t need to:

  • Change the oil or oil filters: While your old gas-powered motorcycle might have required oil changes, your electric bike doesn’t require such. They don’t use engine oil, saving you the need to change the oil, replace the oil filters, etc. 
  • Maintain the spark plug or air filters: You can bid goodbye to the maintenance of these parts when it comes to your electric motorcycles. As it has no ignition, you don’t need to worry about maintaining or replacing spark plugs. There are also no air filters that need to be replaced. 

And There You Have It

Everything can benefit from some tender, loving care, if your electric motorcycle. Therefore, if you want to keep your e-motorbike in tip-top working condition and prolong the life of all its different components, you need to carry out regular maintenance on it.

Hopefully, the electric motorbike maintenance tips you find in this article helps you along the way.

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