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Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival celebrated every year in August- September. It represents the love and affection between brothers and sisters. Numerous stories tell us why a brother and sister’s bond or rakhi is so strong. The joyful union of a Brother and a Sister is celebrated with much pomp and show every day in the month of Shravan. Raksha Bandhan, also known as Avani Avittam, is dedicated to praying for the maturity and well-being of brothers and sisters by sharing the love between them. From tying a holy thread (Rakhi), to fulfilling daily wishes of each other, to making each other promise not to be annoyed at one another’s presence, there are many customs followed during this auspicious day. So, here are some Amazing Rakhi Gifts for your Bhabhi:


  1. Plants:
    Green living is an exciting concept, and people are becoming aware of the importance of gifting plants to nature to maintain clean air and a lush green environment. It is a known fact that gifting plants have been a popular trend ever since they became widely available a few years ago. It is also believed that gifting plants is one of the top things you can do to improve your relationships. If you love to pamper your loved ones, nothing can be better than gifting plants to them. Plants are amongst the most beautiful and perfect gifts one can ever give another person. They help in purifying the air and enhancing the aesthetics of your home.
  2. Chocolates:
    The importance of gifting chocolates when it comes to your relationship with your family and friends can never go unnoticed. If you are also planning to give something special to your loved ones on Raksha Bandhan, chocolates are just amazing. You can always gift chocolates with a Lumba rakhi to your Bhabhi, and she’ll surely be delighted. You can also go for personalised chocolates and surprise your bhabhi like never before!
  3. Personalised Mugs:
    A Personalised Mug holds that special place in any person’s heart. It will certainly let a person know how much you care for them. A personalised mug with a design and the photo of your choice shows your love, affection and respect to whom you are gifting. The thoughtful approach of giving a personalised mug as a gift will be appreciated by the receiver and will give you immense pleasure to see a smile on their face. Personalised Mugs are the perfect gift. They’re classic, look nice, and are impressive, showing that you put some thought into them. 
  4. Personalised Cushions:
    What could be better than gifting something personalised to your loved ones? Cushions are a category of gifts that will always come in handy. A cushion is an ideal gift for Raksha Bandhan. Quality cushions cover your seats and make you feel warm in the winter! Cushions are the items that maintain quality over a long time. Personalised cushions have become a trendy gifting item for all age groups. They are a unique gift idea for every occasion where gifting is needed. You can personalise cushions with any design and message of your choice. You can also add an image to it and make it even more memorable to add more value. Adding images to these cushions is a cost-effective way to create eye-catching personalised cushion covers that are very handy on all kinds of occasions.
  5. Perfume:
    The best way to show your love and affection is to gift them with perfume. Perfumes have always been the most preferred item of gifting. If you want to make this occasion special, perfume is the one item you should buy for your bhabhi. Perfumes have a different set of ranges.

Festivals are a great way to break free from the monotony of daily life. This is why people worldwide celebrate various festivals – to bring in some fun, frivolity, and relaxation. Raksha Bandhan-the name is derived from the word “Raksha”, which means protection. It is a symbol of love and affection between brothers and sisters. On this day, by tying a rakhi, sisters seek the protection of their brothers in all their endeavours, while brothers vow to protect their sisters. So, here were some Amazing Rakhi Gifts for your brother.

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