Nail Art: All You Need To Know

Nail art has become a popular trend. There are so many designs that you can choose from and make your nails look great. If you’re going for something simple, try painting your nails with one colour and then applying a coat of clear nail polish to give them some shine. Or, if you want something more intricate, consider making designs on your fingernails by using an assortment of colours and techniques like dots or lines with the help of a nail brush

Take care of your nails.

Taking care of your nails is integral to having a good nail design. For starters, you can use a nail brush to remove dirt and debris under your nails. You should also use a nail file to smooth the rough edges of your natural nails before applying any polish. Your hands will thank you for it!

Next, apply cuticle oil to the skin around your nails. This will keep the area moisturised and prevent cracking or peeling when you’re doing your artistic work later in this guidebook! Finally, apply hand cream after washing or drying off after showering.

Paint your nails.

Now that your nails are prepped, it’s time to get creative! You’ll want to choose a base coat and apply it. A quality product is essential for your manicure to stay solid and beautiful. Next is the top coat; make sure you put this on last so it doesn’t deposit any oils that could prevent the polish from sticking correctly. Lastly, remember to use a nail dryer!

Choose a few colours that you want to use.

When choosing your colours, think about the following things:

  • The colours should go well together. You should avoid mixing red and green because they must look better together. Consider using one on each hand to have a more dramatic look. For example, maybe apply a thin coat of white paint over black on one set of fingers and then use pink stripes across them for an elegant touch!
  • Choose complementary colours if you’re going for something eye-catching; this means pairing two bold hues opposite each other on the colour wheel. This is great because it makes your nails pop without too much work; ensure that not all of them match perfectly.

Use a variety of brushes for nail art.

You will need a variety of nail brushes to create your nail art. Here are some examples:

  • Nail art brush – This is used for painting and making designs on nails. You can find such nail brushes in any arts and crafts store or online at a reasonable price.
  • Dotting tool – A dotting tool creates dots by rolling the end along the nail. It is available in most beauty supply stores, or you can use an old toothbrush that has been cleaned thoroughly!
  • Fan brush – The fan brush is similar to the dotting tool but differs by having longer bristles instead of being small and round like most dotting tools. This allows for more precise placement when doing fine detail work, such as creating flowers with petals around them!


You can have fun doing nail art. It is an art form that is becoming more popular every day, and there are many different ways to create beautiful designs on your nails. It is essential to care for them by keeping them moisturised, cleaning them regularly and treating any infections that may occur if left untreated.

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